October 4, 2008

On Monday the House demonstrated that, if only briefly, they were capable of growing a spine and actually standing up for their constituents, but their courage and responsibility to We The People quickly withered and disappeared as they acquiesced to media spin, party loyalty, and economic terrorism perpetuated by our country’s so called “leadership”.

It’s sad to realize that this is no surprise whatsoever. The real surprise was the fact that the House actually listened at all. Regardless, this is not a time to be taken by pessimism, for opportunity arises out of every situation. It’s up to the optimist to recognize it and act while that window of opportunity is open. But before any strategic action can be taken We The People must realize exactly what’s been done.

What Congress, both the House and Senate, demonstrated this week is that We The People cannot count on Congress to be any realistic solution. That said, I commend those Representatives who displayed courage and integrity by voting Nay as they had on Monday, while the others sold US out.

So what exactly did they sell US out for?

Sandwiched within the 451 page bill are an assortment of absurd and irrelevant previsions ranging from tax breaks for manufacturers “of wooden arrows used in toys for children, the “wool research fund”, “railroad track maintenance” and “race tracks” to tax credits for “economic development” in American Samoa. (http://www.myfoxcolorado.com/myfox/pages/News/Detail?contentId=7559373&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=3.2.1)

Now, I’m not against tax breaks or tax credits but it’s economic suicide to decrease taxes while simultaneously increasing spending. I wish I could say that these needless tax breaks and wasteful spending were the worst parts of the bill but they’re only a symptom of the schizophrenia of Paulson’s bill as it cheated death earlier this week; maimed and left for dead by the House on Monday, stitched up and medicated by the Senate on Wednesday and back looting We The People by Friday.

In this week alone, we’ve been forced to suffer through the robbery perpetuated by Paulson, Bernanke and the rest of their Wall Street accomplices, the economic terrorism of Bush and McCain, and not to be left out, the betrayal by the Democratic Party “leadership” fronted by Obama and Pelosi.

Worse still, there’s a provision in the bill which should concern not only U.S. citizens but everyone around the world; their economies interdependently intertwined with ours. The provision of the bill which gives me chills are the new despotic powers granted to the US Treasury.

On Monday, political analyst and University of Pennsylvania professor Donald Kettl, said that “the power the bill would give Paulson and the next Treasury secretary is ‘unprecedented in American history and American government.’”

The Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, along with several private international banks guided by the hand of the Federal Reserve are responsible for the state of the economy.

Let that sink in for just a moment.

Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke have been foaming at the mouth with threats of economic meltdown had the bill not been passed. And unbeknown to most of the American people, due in no small part to the enormity of the bill and the short time there was to read it, the new powers granted to the Treasury was the aim all along. Prior to the proposal of the bill, Bear Stearns and Fannie and Freddie Mac had already been bailed out. So why would Paulson need a new bill to continue what he had already been doing? Because the 700 billion or 5 trillion, depending on whom you talk to, was a red herring.

This is the Problem-Reaction-Solution paradigm. A problem is created or exploited and then blamed on a patsy. In this case, the pasties are the people who “bought too much house”.  The problem was precipitated with the popping of the housing market bubble coupled with record debt accumulated over the last 8 years and the grossly devalued US dollar.  This crisis creation was to cause the people to react and ask the very same people who engineered the crisis to provide a solution*.  The architects of the problem would then come riding in on their white horse to give the people their solution, their “solution” being what their ambition was all along; more centralized power with no oversight, consolidation of wealth, and the bankruptcy of those with any wealth left to bankrupt.

Luckily, We The People have been paying attention like never before. Disrupting an important aspect of the Hegelian Dialectic. Instead of asking the architects of the crisis for their Bail Out, we opposed it! But that was just the first step. Now, rather than allowing ourselves to be sucked dry by the money masters, We The People must hold them accountable. We must point out the guilty parties to those who don’t or can’t see the men behind the curtain.

We The People have the opportunity to demand justice; to unlock the minds of those who would normally be apathetic. The pillars upholding the status quo are now liquid and open to be guided. Will you leave your destiny in the hands of those who wish to usher in an age of Neo Feudalism? Or are you willing to sacrifice your time and your sweat to fight for the liberty that We The People have taken for granted?

*The Federal Reserve, chaired by Alan Greenspan at the time, created the house market bubble by issuing easy credit together with the encouragement to use that easy credit to invest in the housing market. Then once people were leveraged out The Federal Reserve began restricting credit leaving those who relied on those low rates to make their payments left with few choices; incur more debt or have their homes foreclosed on.


My Letter to Senate John Cornyn

October 1, 2008

This is the letter I sent this morning to my Senator urging him to vote against the bail out. I urge anyone reading this to write their Senators as well. You can do so through; Congress.org or http://www.votenobailout.org and I’m sure there are many other places as well. DON’T remain apathetic. It’s only when we remain silent that they feel secure to vote against our interests. Monday PROVED that when We The People speak in a loud enough voice, Congress listens.

Senate Cornyn,

We The People have spoken. The bailout legislation has been defeated in the House. And if our country is to survive economically, it will be defeated in the Senate as well.

I will not accept any vote in favor of the bailout. To use your own words, “simply doing nothing is not an option”. I couldn’t agree more. However, Ben Bernanke himself proved that Paulson’s plan would have done nothing to help our economy. On Monday, before the vote, the Federal Reserve pumped $630 billion into the market and the market still tanked.

Furthermore, hundreds of respected economists have predicted that the proposed bail out would tank our economy, not save it!

So if you believe that “simply doing nothing is not an option” then choose an option which would actually HELP the American people. Using our tax money to buy toxic securities helps no one but the banks who engineered this financial crisis to begin with.

If there’s any bill which needs to pass to save our ailing economy then let it be HR 2755, The Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act. Put the creation of our money back in the hands our elected representatives.


We The People have been heard

September 30, 2008

Today the House voted 228-205 to reject the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act better known as the “Bail Out” bill. It would appear that We The People have been heard, if only as a whisper. The fact that the bill was voted down so narrowly, with public opinion so aggressively against it, is a testament that We need to continue to keep the pressure on Congress. Regardless, I think it’s a paramount victory. Imagine if We put this kind of pressure on our Representatives EVERY time they went to vote. They’d no longer be able to ignore us because they’d know that we weren’t ignoring what they were doing. Especially with the election being only a little more than a month away, they’d know that they would have to listen to their constituents. I’d like to see how those who voted for the bill fair come November. My representative, Lloyd Doggett, voted down the bill. Did yours? Here’s a list of everyone who voted and how they voted: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2008/roll674.xml

I’d like to take a moment to highlight those in the House who spoke out against the massive looting bill and actually voted accordingly:

Representative Marcy Kaptur referred to the bill as “the work of criminal insiders who shut down the normal legislative process to commit “high financial crimes.”

Representative Michael Burgess said that the only information he had received about the bailout were talking points to use on the American people and that he had been thrown out of meetings for not blindly supporting the bill.

Representative Kucinich weighed in on how fear mongering is being used as a vehicle to ram the bill through Congress and questioned the motivation for the bill.

Lastly, Former Presidential Candidate and Representative Ron Paul broke down our economic situation.

Ideally the November election will be an iconic one. And not because of the Presidential race, since neither of the establishment candidates have a dimes worth of difference between them.  But because We have a chance to really send a strong message once again and purge the establishment candidates from the Congress. Those who fail to represent us shouldn’t occupy a position where they do the exact opposite. Corporations already have lobbyists acting as their representatives, We can’t allow them to have ours too.

In a landmark interview on the Alex Jones Show, Ron Paul called for criminal charges to be brought against the current Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke and the former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan. Though Ron Paul mentioned that their indictment would be largely symbolic, it would send chills to those who had a hand in bringing our economy to the dire state its in. Ron Paul continued, by stating that grand juries should convened to take on the prosecutions rather than the FBI becoming involved, stating, “We have proper authority with that and experience with it and the Enron case is a good example.” (http://www.prisonplanet.com/ron-paul-congress-has-opted-for-10-year-plus-depression.html)

I’d add that state grand jury investigations of JP Morgan Chase, which has been gobbling up banks like a black hole, and the actions taken by Henry Paulson would do a lot to loosen the stranglehold the private international bankers have on our economy. If We have the will, one could only imagine what a full and independent investigation of the private Federal Reserve would yield.


Congress No longer represents US.

September 29, 2008

US being We The People who make up the United States.

According to a Gallup poll taken as recently as May 14th, 2008, Congress has an 18% approval rating. Let’s cut the double speak. 82% of the American people disapprove of Congress. And is there really any surprise why? Again according to Gallup, 60% of the American people think that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake and want to set a timetable to get out. Yet Congress defiantly has no plans to do that. Not surprising, you don’t build permanent bases for a 6 month invasion. Now how does Congress reassure the American people that they’re going to bring our troops home and not deficient spend us into a depression? Their “reassurance” is passing a trillion dollar defense bill on Wednesday, which passed 392-39.

In an economy where we have to borrow from China to give aid to Georgia, very few members of Congress seem to understand that the state of our economy is a symptom of how much they’re spending.

So a proposal to give private financial institutions as much as $5 trillion dollars to “bail them out” should really come as no surprise. Yes, $5 trillion.  That’s nearly half of our current deficient. This “Bail Out”, according to Marc Faber, the managing director of Marc Faber Ltd, may actually be as much as $5 trillion. That is seven times the amount which Henry Paulson requested, as reported by Reuters. (http://www.reuters.com/article/ousiv/idUSTRE48O9B920080925) Now while the media has been pushing a debate about the “Bail Out”, last week the Federal Reserve loaned $188 billion, on average, every day of that week to various U.S. banks and money managers.

The Congress is more than happy to give our money away even when 91% of the people are against the “Bail Out” That’s not democracy, that’s tyranny. It’s no wonder why the House passed a trillion dollar defense bill, as reported by Alternet. (http://www.alternet.org/waroniraq/100524/with_all_eyes_on_the_bailout,_house_passes_trillion-dollar_defense_bill/)

They, the government, or rather the people who own them, wouldn’t want the American people to get out of line when once they realized that this “Bail Out” is really a massive looting on behalf of the private bankers.

This coincides with the Army Times reporting that beginning Oct. 1 that for 12 months, the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team will begin “Homeland” tours. (http://www.armytimes.com/news/2008/09/army_homeland_090708w/)

In other words, the military under command from Northcom will be “called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control”. The Army Times goes into how the 1st BCT’s soldiers will learn how to use “the first ever nonlethal package that the Army has fielded.” Their training will be focused on “crowd and traffic control equipment and nonlethal weapons designed to subdue unruly or dangerous individuals without killing them. The package includes equipment to stand up a hasty road block; spike strips for slowing, stopping or controlling traffic; shields and batons; and beanbag bullets.”

I shouldn’t have to remind you that our military is used to fight our enemies, so when the military is deployed on the public who do you think the government has designated as their enemy?

Now keep in mind that instead of giving $5 trillion to private banks to buy worthless financial instruments, that money could instead be injected into the economy to keep people in their homes, keep businesses from going under, and fix the deteriorating infrastructure of the country.  Instead Congress, being led by the nose by Executive branch, has decided that we can’t use our own money to fix the problems going on in our lives. But Congress doesn’t represent us anymore.

Instead, they represent the military industrial complex, the law firms, the lobbyists and private bankers who own them all. So if you’re confused by why they’re watching apathetically as gas prices force truck drivers off the road, tents cities pop up across the country as citizens go homeless not even able file for bankruptcy. They don’t care because they’re not our representatives; not anymore. Their loyalty is to the private bankers who have engineered this financial tsunami to begin with.

So of course there’s no money to help the American people but plenty for the private banks who own the military industrial complex. They’re going to get their financing so that they can silence you if you decide that being deprived of your livelihood and your property is not what you consider to be the American dream.

That is, if We The People acquiesce, remain apathetic, and allow our country to be looted. We are where the power of government, the bankers, and the military originate from. We simply have to realize that they need us to survive, not the other way around.  They’ve engineered this financial crisis from the top to the bottom, so we’ll need to resist and take back the power, which is rightfully ours, from the bottom to the top.


Domain Subsidies? What?

September 8, 2008

Ever wonder what your hard earned money is being spent on? Well if you live in Austin, Texas 65 million of your Washingtons is being given to The Simon mall,  The Domain. That is, if the Austin City Council gets their way.

“Well that’s not so bad, right? I mean they provide us with goods and/or services, create jobs, and help the economy.  So giving them money is good!”

One could make this argument. And they may even have somewhat of a legitimate argument.  So let’s entertain the idea that giving a company which grosses $436,164,000* annually needs to be subsidized in order to remain competitive or to expand.

*Per Simon’s 2007 Annual Report.

So let’s break down the argument:

Subsidizing Domain will provide us with goods and services!

Well, that’s true but so do local businesses and self employed tax payers, where are their subsidies?

Subsidizing Domain will help create jobs!

Well, I can’t argue with that but what kind of jobs are being created? $6.50 a hour jobs. Yeah, those jobs.

Now, this is just my opinion but it rubs me the wrong way to think of someone working at a place that’s supposed to be helping our economy yet getting paid so little that they’d have to work almost 7 hours to afford to buy a pair of underwear that one of their stores sell. Libertarian Wes Benedict (WesBenedict.com), seems to agree. Let’s hear what he has to say to the City Council who seem to think that corporate welfare is a good thing:

Lastly, Subsidizing Domain will help Austin’s economy!

Will it? How will that happen when its profits won’t stay in Austin?

It won’t. But don’t take my word for it…Let’s hear some local business owners tell it like it is:

Let’s review what we’ve learned.

So what are Domain Subsidies?

The Austin City Council giving away your hard earned money, no doubt being compensated for their thievery, and hoping that you don’t have the will or the knowledge to vote YES, to stop Domain Subsidies.



Seeds of Liberty?

September 8, 2008

I decided to start this blog so that I could highlight important issues going on from the County to the Federal level, give a platform to local candidates and serve as a resource for documents and studies on various issues ranging from the economy, to the detrimental effects of water fluoridation, vaccine awareness, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), to Civil Liberties.